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If you know me, you prob­a­bly know I’ve always had a thing about Abra­ham Lin­coln.  Noth­ing kinky.  It goes back as far as 2nd grade – at least that’s my old­est sur­viv­ing writ­ing about Abe.

Now, com­bine that with my obvi­ous respect for Charles Dar­win – who shares his birth­day with Lin­coln (Feb­ru­ary 12, 1809) – and you’ll know how excit­ed I am to have tied it all togeth­er in a video piece cel­e­brat­ing their birth­days – and also the 150th anniver­sary of the pub­li­ca­tion of Darwin’s “On the Ori­gin of Species.”

I wrote the piece and it was pro­duced by Craig Duff – and today it’s fea­tured on the front page of – as a “Must See” video about Lin­coln and Dar­win.

“Lin­coln and Dar­win – Birth­days and Evo­lu­tion”

Check it out, let me know what you think – and please feel free to for­ward it to EVERYONE!

* Update 2/23/09: Although it was only a “Must See” video for a short time, now it’s dis­played as one of the most pop­u­lar videos!

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  • Jim H

    1:49 pm

    Good stuff Bri­an. I think this may get you an invite to Oprah!

  • Brian Malow

    1:57 pm

    Well, as you know, that’s ALWAYS been the goal. 🙂

  • Tom Hester

    9:49 pm

    Is that the video pilot pitch for your pub­lic broadcast/cable show… or did I just come up with that idea and you are going to let me be the exec­u­tive pro­duc­er? Thought it was great. We were just talk­ing about Lin­coln and Dar­win hav­ing the same birth­day when we got your e-mail. Maybe there is a god.

  • Tom Turbeville

    9:51 pm

    or maybe God cre­at­ed evo­lu­tion…

  • steve roberts

    7:27 am

    I think 60 Min­utes has found Andy Rooney’s replace­ment!

  • Amelia Durham

    10:07 am

    I think you did a great job on the video at, its a bit tongue in cheek but not so sar­cas­tic as to turn vis­i­tors off. Real­ly very inter­est­ing and enter­tain­ing, good job!

  • Nick T

    12:09 pm

    Well done Bri­an. Seems there are oth­er president-scientist con­nec­tions, too……. George Wash­ing­ton Carv­er, Ben­jamin Franklin Pierce, Ernest Ruther­ford Hayes, and let’s not forget….Kelvin Coolidge!

  • Tara

    1:56 pm

    Bri­an, what a great video. I hope to see you reg­u­lar­ly on from now on — they need a face and voice like yours to liv­en up their pieces. You bring an enthu­si­asm to the screen that is thor­ough­ly engag­ing. Keep it up, mis­ter!

  • Brian Malow

    8:31 pm

    Thanks, every­body!

    Looks like Tara may get her wish – there should be more to come… in the… FUTURE!!!

    [insert futur­is­tic SFX]

  • Irradiatus

    3:42 pm

    That was superb! I loved the “clos­est cousins” line. Thx for sub­mit­ting it to the Car­ni­val of Evo­lu­tion. I’m sure Miri­am will include it…

  • Brian Malow

    11:07 am

    Thanks, Irra­dia­tus! I hope Miri­am includes it because I love car­ni­vals and I love evo­lu­tion – what could be bet­ter than a Car­ni­val of Evo­lu­tion??!!

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