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Bad Science in Star Wars has a short video of me per­form­ing at the recent Won­der­fest sci­ence fes­ti­val in Berke­ley.  I’m talk­ing about bad sci­ence in sci­ence fic­tion movies, and the exam­ple in the clip is a clas­sic moment from Star Wars…

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Sun­day, Novem­ber 7, 2010. Once again I am thrilled to be per­form­ing at Won­der­fest – the Bay Area’s long-running fes­ti­val of sci­ence.  This is their 12th annu­al event – and my third time par­tic­i­pat­ing.

As always, it’s a 2-day event – Sat­ur­day on the Stan­ford cam­pus and Sun­day on the Berke­ley cam­pus.

I am only attend­ing Sun­day, Novem­ber 7, at UC Berkeley’s Stan­ley Hall.  I will per­form and then mod­er­ate a dia­logue:

3pm:  Sci­ence Laughs with Sci­ence Come­di­an Bri­an Mal­ow

4pm:  Mod­er­a­tor for  “Do We Under­stand the Struc­ture of the Uni­verse?” – a dia­logue between Lloyd Knox, a physics pro­fes­sor from UC Davis, and Chung-Pei Ma, an astron­o­my prof from Berke­ley

And, in between my two slots, you can enjoy a live pod­cast of “This Week in Sci­ence” with my friends Dr.Kiki and Justin! 

The Galactomatic-1000 (TM) Basement Universe

…Base­ment Uni­vers­es aren’t just for base­ments any more! The Galactomatic-1000 comes with an attrac­tive imi­ta­tion wood-grain negative-matter case that makes it per­fect­ly at home in your den or fam­i­ly room. The case reduces its total mass to zero, so you won’t have to wor­ry about implod­ing your house into a black hole, or dis­col­or­ing the walls with unat­trac­tive grav­i­ta­tion­al red­shifts (**)…

(**) Although the Galactomatic-1000 has no mass, it still has vol­ume, so a ship­ping and han­dling charge will apply.

– Carl Feyn­man,
Extropy #13

Once upon a time there was a lit­tle tran­shu­man­ist mag­a­zine called Extropy.  I prob­a­bly still have an issue or two around here some­where. Most of the con­tent was seri­ous but I remem­ber this one fake adver­tise­ment for The Galactomatic-1000 (TM) Base­ment Uni­verse.  It was hys­ter­i­cal.  Sci­ence com­e­dy at its best!

Writ­ten by Carl Feyn­man, com­put­er engi­neer and son of Richard Feyn­man, the piece appeared in Extropy #13 (6:2), Third quar­ter 1994, page 39.

The mag­a­zine and the Extropy Insti­tute itself are now defunct.  But god bless the inter­net for its archival uses.

Wit­ness the glo­ry of…  The Galactomatic-1000 (TM) Base­ment Uni­verse!