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Helium – So Long and Thanks for all the Balloons!

Some­how this didn’t make it into the blog ear­lier – our video about helium.  A flight in a zep­pelin, a visit with the Bal­loon Lady, and the end of an era?…

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Sci­ence Come­dian Riffs on Hydro­gen and Helium at Ignite

Science Comedian on BoingBoing

I’m on Boing­Bo­ing!

Mag­gie Koerth-Baker posted a YouTube clip of me this morn­ing.  It’s an excerpt from my per­for­mance two weeks ago at Won­der­fest, the Bay Area sci­ence fes­ti­val.

The entire fes­ti­val was video­taped by  You can see the rest of my 15-minute per­for­mance here.

Also, a dia­logue I mod­er­ated enti­tled Do Robots Make Bet­ter Astro­nauts? (fea­tur­ing Chris McKay of NASA Ames and Kanna Rajan of the Mon­terey Bay Aquar­ium Research Insti­tute).

If you’re visiting from BoingBoing… Welcome!

It’s odd to be judged just by these admit­tedly – pur­posely – corny bar jokes.  They aren’t exactly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of my entire act.  They were the silly end to my pre­sen­ta­tion.

And they also cut the rou­tine short – there are a few more, includ­ing the final bar joke which is arguably the best one….  about Helium.

Check out the rest of that per­for­mance or see my other YouTube clips: .  Sub­scribe!

I’m @sciencecomedian on Twit­ter.  Fol­low me!

And check out the sci­ence videos I’ve been mak­ing for Time Magazine’s web­site.

Thank you, good­night!

Videos for Time Magazine

You can eas­ily access all the sci­ence videos I’ve made for Time Magazine’s web­site at this link – the results from a search on my name (Brian Malow) at

Science Comedian Riffs on Hydrogen and Helium at Ignite

Our Ignite pre­sen­ta­tion is up on YouTube and the O’Reilly Media Ignite Show page.

Tara and I cre­ated the pre­sen­ta­tion – with me doing most of the writ­ing and her doing most of the graph­ics. Our friend Michael Capoz­zola hand-drew the final slide for us (prim­i­tive tech­nique but effec­tive!).

We attempt to tell a 14-billion year story in five min­utes: “A Tale of Two Ele­ments” takes us from the Big Bang to the Earth and touches on a prob­lem that many peo­ple are not aware of – the helium short­age (a local prob­lem). Enjoy!…

What is Ignite?

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