“It’s as much about expand­ing the mind as it is tick­ling the fun­ny bone.”

The Washington Times

“Bri­an Mal­ow is a bril­liant­ly fun­ny come­di­an, as clever and wit­ty as Woody Allen but with a bent for the won­ders of nature instead of the down­ers of life. Sci­ence is just too cool to not also be fun­ny, and Bri­an Mal­ow has found his eco­log­i­cal niche and exploit­ed it like no oth­er com­ic species.”

Michael Shermer
Publisher of Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American

“The thing I love about Bri­an is how he loves the stuff: the whole techie view of the uni­verse. He can see how ridicu­lous it all is, and we all are, while still lov­ing it. And what makes it work espe­cial­ly for an audi­ence of sci­en­tists and engi­neers is the way that he will some­times stand up there on stage and ana­lyze, in a techie way, why a joke does or does not work… pull it apart and show us all the gears and springs lying there on the stage. At the same time that he’s talk­ing about sci­ence, he’s actu­al­ly doing it. He gets it. He’s laugh­ing at him­self when he finds humor in the sci­en­tif­ic life; and so he lets us laugh at our­selves, as well.

Oh, and he’s fun­ny. That, too.”

Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ
Vatican Observatory
Author of God’s Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion

“Sci­ence needs more peo­ple like Bri­an to engage with the pub­lic and show them that it can be a part of their lives – and a very enter­tain­ing and thought-provoking part at that.”

Chapin Rodriguez, PhD

“The Ratio­nal Com­e­dy for an Irra­tional Plan­et per­for­mance was one of the most suc­cess­ful pub­lic pro­grams that we host­ed at the Koshland since open­ing to the pub­lic.”

Amy Shaw
Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences 

“Mal­ow per­forms a very impor­tant func­tion: He makes sci­ence acces­si­ble. He pulls infor­ma­tion from super­spe­cial­ized fields and makes it com­pre­hen­si­ble to a wider audi­ence.”

The Washington Times 

“Mal­ow brings stage-honed stand-up chops to the elu­ci­da­tion of the nat­ur­al world.”

Express (The Washinton Post)

“Malow’s jokes real­ly are for every­one, not just sci­en­tists. In fact, because he often per­forms for audi­ences with mixed back­grounds in the sci­ences or no back­ground in the sci­ences at all, he is hap­py to assume the role of an on-stage teacher, pro­vid­ing his audi­ences with just enough sci­en­tif­ic back­ground to get the joke.”

Chemical & Engineering News 

“I gig­gled uncon­trol­lably at the Star Wars jokes, and became an avid sup­port­er of your the­o­ry on why some of us are direc­tion­al­ly chal­lenged from birth.”

Gina Perovich
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Your com­e­dy turned what would have been a good event into a real­ly mem­o­rable one.”

Eliot Graf

“Brian’s pre­sen­ta­tion brought to “light” the lev­i­ty in the won­der­ful world of sci­ence – and of course optics!”

Amy Dufrane, Ed.D.
The Optical Society of America

“Your upbeat pre­sen­ta­tion was just what was need­ed to raise everyone’s spir­its — so much so that our sci­en­tists were laugh­ing at even my jokes!”

Dr. William Ott
NIST Staff Colloquium Series

“A sci­ence come­di­an?  Sure, I was skep­ti­cal. I was total­ly dread­ing a half hour of forced chuck­ling at a rou­tine filled with puns and “ele­phant grape sine theta”-type punch lines. But with­in thir­ty sec­onds of start­ing his act, Bri­an had me and a whole room full of sci­ence peo­ple absolute­ly shak­ing with real laugh­ter – and by the end we were beg­ging him to stay on for round two. The next day, I was telling all my friends about it.”

Chris Patil, gerontologist
Buck Institute for Age Research

“Sci­ence and Humor are two terms you don’t usu­al­ly hear used togeth­er.  Some­how, Bri­an has the abil­i­ty to com­bine the two into a very enter­tain­ing and laugh out loud per­for­mance that will make any meet­ing mem­o­rable.”

Jim Hardy
Frederick County (MD) Biotech blogger & Entrepreneur

”In addi­tion to be being fun­ny and clean, Bri­an obvi­ous­ly took the time to do sub­stan­tial research in order to write mate­r­i­al that was spe­cif­ic and appro­pri­ate to the event (a hard­ware and soft­ware awards cer­e­mo­ny).”

Andrew Eisenberg, CEO
Handheld Media Group, Inc.

“From his open­ing joke about the speed of light and the speed of sound, I knew that it would be an enjoy­able evening!”

Marisa Burgener, MAT

“This is not your typ­i­cal stand-up com­e­dy show where’s it’s just “joke, joke, joke.” In fact, it’s more like lis­ten­ing to a sci­ence fic­tion writer draw upon the world’s cur­rent sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge to syn­the­size his vision for the future – with sev­er­al one-liners thrown in for good mea­sure.”

Geotimes – Earth, Energy and Environment News 

”Bri­an offers just the right mix of nerd humor and just plain laugh-out-loud fun­ny.  His com­ic tim­ing is ter­rif­ic, and he has a great rap­port with the audi­ence — in our case, sev­er­al hun­dred jour­nal­ists who write about sci­ence.”

Robin Marantz Henig
National Association of Science Writers

“Even a stan­dard issue riff on his love life relied on a metaphor from par­ti­cle physics. And, trust­ing that this was the per­fect crowd for his mate­r­i­al, Mal­ow pulled out a pun on pas­ta and “antipas­ta” that got a roar of laugh­ter.”

Lynne Friedmann
National Association of Science Writers

“Thanks for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to laugh at infec­tious dis­ease and not feel guilty.”

Chris Condayan
American Society for Microbiology

“The best way to cap off a cou­ple of days of tech­ni­cal dis­cus­sions, ear­ly wake-up calls and marathon meet­ings!”

Georges Efstratoudakis
My Virtual Model

“I want­ed to thank you again for your role in mak­ing our inau­gur­al sea­son such a great suc­cess.  When it comes to fun, your event was at the top of the list!  I believe I speak for every­one present when I say that we all appre­ci­at­ed the intel­li­gent humor, which was simul­ta­ne­ous­ly G-rated and very, very fun­ny.  After so many seri­ous sub­jects, it was refresh­ing to have a good laugh – thank you for that!”

Janet DeMint
Distinctive Voices@The Beckman Center

“Bri­an dis­plays the type of tal­ent that is rarely found in the com­e­dy world. He is fun­ny with­out need­ing to use gross vul­gar­i­ties, spon­ta­neous on stage, orig­i­nal, gets along well with employ­ers and cre­ates a won­der­ful rap­port with audi­ences. When I have had occa­sion to hire Bri­an, he has been acco­mo­dat­ing, punc­tu­al, and always has new mate­r­i­al. Audi­ences love his quick wit and dif­fer­ent approach to a some­times bor­ing activ­i­ty, as well as his abil­i­ty to laugh at him­self when appro­pri­ate.

Bob Mutchler, Events Coordinator
Meals a la Car
Northern California Chair, WalkAmerica, March of Dimes