Philip K. Dick at the Movies

My newest video for is about Philip K. Dick and all the movie adap­ta­tions of his books and sto­ries, the lat­est of which is The Adjust­ment Bureau, based on the sto­ry “Adjust­ment Team” writ­ten in 1953.  It’s fas­ci­nat­ing that Dick’s 50-year-old sto­ries are just now being brought to the big screen – and still seem mod­ern.  Tes­ta­ment to the strange­ness of his brain.

I do mis­tak­en­ly say that Blade Run­ner is one of ten PKD “books” that have been adapt­ed, when I meant to say, “sto­ries.”  Only a few nov­els have, so far, pro­vid­ed source mate­r­i­al for films – Do Androids Dream of Elec­tric Sheep?, A Scan­ner Dark­ly, Con­fes­sions of a Crap ArtistRadio Free Albe­muth.  Most of the movies are based on short sto­ries (which do appear in books).

I pro­duced, wrote and edit­ed the video along with pro­duc­er Craig Duff, who shot and pro­vid­ed addi­tion­al edit­ing:

The Movies, Philip K. Dick and You

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  • Oj

    12:40 pm

    Actu­al­ly, Bladerun­ner is based on Do Androids Dream of Elec­tric Sheep, which is a nov­el (book). ;v)

    • Brian

      4:45 pm

      Yes, I said that! But most of the movies are based on short sto­ries. I acci­den­tal­ly said that ten of his “books” have been adapt­ed.

  • novakiller

    4:56 pm

    cool vid. I too have a rather siz­able col­lec­tion of Philip K Dick books, with sev­er­al copies of some and some of the orig­i­nal pulp print­ings in AMAZING or WORLDS OF TOMORROW, col­lect­ed in pro­tec­tive wrap­pers.
    After reread­ing “The Adjust­ment Team” just recent­ly I realised how much of it end­ed up in “DARK CITY” from Alex Proyas.

    • Brian

      12:27 am

      Thanks! I have some of the old mag­a­zines, too. I saw “Dark City” when it came out but I don’t remem­ber it in much detail. I may have to check it out again.

  • Alex

    9:54 am

    I liked the video, too – but first of all I’ve too say I’m real­ly jeal­ous of your Scanner-Darkly-Shirt 😉

    • Brian

      10:00 am

      Yes! A friend of mine in Austin did crew work on the film and gave me the shirt… since I’m the biggest Dick-head he knows.

  • StevenErnest

    3:06 pm

    Excel­lent appre­ci­a­tion of PKD, Bri­an!

    Would love to see a film ver­sion of Man In the High Cas­tle. Valis, too, is a fav. Three Stig­ma­ta… oh yeah. (Perky Pat ; )
    Oh, and Time Out of Joint — very Tru­man Show-ish.

    Yes, the abil­i­ty to feel empa­thy was impor­tant to him. His read­ing about the Nazi’s influ­enced his ideas re the “non-human” into the androids of Elec­tric Sheep.

    There is so much irony in how lit­tle Dick was paid at the time; he’d kind of hur­ry up and fin­ish the cur­rent nov­el because he need­ed the mon­ey. Now hun­dred mil­lion dol­lar block­busters are made of out these “pulp” Sci­ence Fic­tion works.

    He did get a bit bonkers at the end, but the Exe­ge­sis has some fas­ci­nat­ing rumi­na­tions. Have you seen the illus­trat­ed ver­sion of Dick’s Pink Light Epiphany drawn by R. Crumb…?

    Great job, Bri­an!

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